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Except the Queen - Jane Yolen, Midori Snyder I'll be reviewing this one in full via my blog ASAP.

For now...

The beginning was very engaging, the middle was GREAT. THe end, however, felt tedious. The author's excelled in developing the two fey sisters. The other characters were flat in comparison, but I found that as long as one of the sister's was present to absorb and report back to the reader, I loved the story. The plot isn't too daringly original, but the prose is wonderful. The pace is slow, it meanders much as I imagine the fey sisters feel their life does now, banished as they were from their fey world. The end was adequate, yet tedious as well. By the time we really get into the action of the book, at the end, it's pretty easy for readers to see what would play out. From there, there were no surprises. I felt Sparrow was a tad bit TSTL. She feels cornered, and while this tends to make anyone a bit TSTL, there were also copious trails of bread crumbs to lead her to the help of the sisters. The character of the fey Queen felt disenchanted, but maybe this was done apurpose, to show that being queen can sometimes feel and be as lowly as the life of one of her subjects. And much harder at the same time. Still, she was stiff to me, even as she and...well, I'll say no more. Wouldn't want to spoil.

Overall, I'd recommend the book. As a tale of faerie, it stands quite well and felt nicely fleshed out. The writing is superb, even if all the characters aren't on equally well developed footing. In the end I felt as if I'd enjoyed it and I'd read more such work from this team.