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Dead in the Family - Charlaine Harris Well, this is it, the end of the road for me. This was my second most-favorite series for a long time, but the magic of it all has officially leached out of the pages. Sookie is turning into a big 'ole B, Eric into a big 'ole wuss (since when has he ever needed Sookie to take the reins and TELL him what he should do?)and that is just the beginning. The writing is horrible. I don't know if Harris has always written things as she does and I've just ignored it. I'll have to check previous installments. The need to tell readers what Sookie is feeling in parenthesis is annoying and duplicating efforts where it's clearly not needed. For example, Eric visibly reacting to something Sookie is feeling or thinking, but Sookie has to blatantly tell us is parenthesis that he's doing so because of their blood bond, that it enables him to "hear" her. Well, yes - DUH, Ms. Harris! I'm not a stupid reader, I can pick up your clues that were written in quite well enough without having to be treated like a handicapped reader that isn't getting it. This reads like an annoying sports announcer telling me everything my eyes can plainly see.

The only reason this is getting a Goodreads rating of OK for me is because Harris does manage to write in the development of some secondary characters fairly well. I sincerely enjoyed Claude the fairy. I will miss the ever loving hell out of Pam, who is continually more awesome by the page. I loved Sookie's interactions with her five-year-old cousin, who shares her special telepathic gift.

The ending was one of the biggest WTFs I've ever read and I finally came to a point I didn't think would happen: I didn't like Sookie anymore. The way she treats Eric towards the end, the way HE acts too, good grief - what the heck is this crap? No. More. The end is certainly here for me.