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Awakenings - Edward Lazellari I liked this one - with a few caveats. It's a superb story base, and considering it's the first in a new series, it's not too bad. There are several things I like the first in series to do in order to get me to feel hooked: well-developed characters, a very decent job building the world, and a snappy enough pace to keep the onset of yawns from beginning.

I want to say that this book accomplished all of these - to a point. There's a little lacking, I just don't know how to put it in words, which is so very annoying. All I can think to say ATM is that it all needed a little more oomph.

But I think I did come to care a little about a few of the characters, and the potential in this one overall is certainly enticing. I *do* want to know what happens next, so it was definitely worth the time.

I think the author's voice is nice and fresh, the style feels different, in a good way, gritty and nearly grotesque at times, but balanced with some gentler tones at times as well. That being said, I almost felt like I was reading an episode of Dungeons and Dragons or even a Piers Anthony title possibly(please don't slay me anyone, it's been so long since I saw/read anything to do with those works that it's more an obscure feeling than anything.). Maybe it was the juxtapositioning of people from "our" reality with other very traditional fantasy elements like centaurs, sorcerers, trolls, etc., and not to mention those parallel universes.

A satisfying enough story despite my wishes for more development across the board. Hopefully book 2 will help out there.