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The Real Deal (Harlequin Blaze, #573) - Debbi Rawlins I've been looking for a style and feel similar to Sarah Mayberry's Blaze books, and this one fills that want in a lot of ways. The characters act in ways at times that might seem very familiar for a category romance, but the author pulls these off in very believable - and satisfying - ways. Emily and Nick make a fantastic pair from the very start. They are funny together not to mention the wowzer chemistry that ignites with them.

I loved Emily. She has a certain spirit and confidence that defies what people would otherwise peg her with. Given what she does for a living, and how she lives day-to-day, you might not expect her to be so assertive and empowered from within. Still, due to Nick's star baseball status, she does have a few issues to overcome, but she goes through it all with humor, grace and not a little endearment.

Nick is one of my favorite kinds of characters - the sports star. There's an inescapable set of stigmas associated with them, so some of the problems he and Emily encounter are believable as a result, as are his self doubts. I love that the two actually TALK to one another despite this! There may be misunderstandings or assumptions sometimes, but that tired plot device doesn't get much page time in this book - no, this couple gets to know one another and works through things, albeit from the perspective of anticipating a short time together.

This is how I like my romance reads to be - honestly emotional, frank, funny and hot. Did I mention this book is hot? There's such a terrific build-up of the sexual tension. Speaking of that, it's so nice that it's so very easy to page back in books on a Kindle. *g*

The only thing is I'd like to have seen an epilogue more central to just Nick and Emily. Can't say much because I don't want to ruin the ending, but it seems to wrap up the plot better than it does their HEA. It's still sweet, and I didn't have doubts, I'd just rather have seen them in each others arms or something.

Still - enjoyed this one VERY much. Definitely a keeper.