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Feast of Fools - Rachel Caine STILL believe this series deserves its own TV show based on it. Enjoying it so far, so not sure why it's taking me so long to get on with the rest of the series. I did grab the next book off my shelf this morning to bring to work with me, though. Still don't get Claire's attraction to Shane - or Shane's rigid abstinence for that matter (hello, teens here). BUT, Shane showed a small bit of character growth this time at least. Poor guy, he did have it particularly tough this time. Michael and Eve are a great couple, no complaints with those two. They feel a bit older in terms of maturity, but they're not that much older than Claire. I think. Actually, not sure of anyone's exact age except Claire, who's 17. Anywho, fun installment, as usual. Gotta love Morganville.