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Of Swine and Roses - Ilona Andrews I honestly don't get why this one is so popular. Took me about twenty minutes to read and if seems nothing like the usual exciting Ilona Andrews worlds and characters. Surface thoughts and interactions for the most part. Was frustrating that most of this very short short short story is the heroine(who at least had good potential) upset over one boy, Dennis, who never sees her as a girl, and then Chad, who she doesn't connect with either. It's only at the very end that she meets an interesting man, but then the story is over.

There's not enough word count to establish a very good plot, characterizations, world, any of it, really. What little there is reminds me way too much of this author gram's other much better efforts. The heroine's powers feel a lot like the powerful ones coveted bu the families in their Edge series. The world, with it's segmented family factions style way of life is a lot like their Kinsmen short stories, which are much, much better. Just not a fan of this one.