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Her Best Worst Mistake - Sarah Mayberry Loved this. A perfect length, too, for anyone needing a quicker read yet still with a very satisfying character-driven and emotional story.

Violet's hangups got a little repetitive and old, but her and Martin's smoking chemistry and the emotional engagement make up for it a lot. Despite Violet's tendency to make a little too much about her issue, she is a wonderful character, not some perfect Barbie wannabe. She has true grit and fire and spirit and loads of other romance heroine adjectives we feel get overused, but are no less true. Now I need to see if I've read Hot Island Nights yet, which was written before this short story and is about Violet's best friend, Elizabeth.

Another wonderful Mayberry winner. Two red-polished thumbs way up.

Fave quote: "She tasted so good. Like sin. Like every dirty thought he'd ever had."