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Unforgivable - Joanna Chambers I just bought this yesterday and read it in a few hours, but hours that lasted till quite late since I was having trouble sleeping. Since it turned out to be one of my favorite tropes in romance - The Grovel - it was soon hard to put the book down anyway.

Gil Truman wasn't a very likable hero, despite his situation being understandable at times. It didn't take long for me to slap the label of Irredeemable Asshole on his chest and he didn't do much of anything to improve on it from there on out. The Grovel can be a very satisfying trope but like all tropes, it's just got to be balanced right. On one hand I felt like it was because this book sucked me in and made me an emotionally reader mess. And I like that, as odd as that seems. Yes, I'm happy the book made me cry, that it engaged me on a deep emotional level. The author certainly has some skills on that level. But at times I did wonder if it was a little overboard. Gil is extremely selfish and shallow, to the point that when a reconciliation comes, will he be redeemed? I can say I was a little disappointed in his redemption - he got off a little too easy.

Rose is an innocent bystander in her marriage, and it was really easy to sympathize with her. Her emotional journey as she tries to adjust to her married life - and even have an inkling of one for that matter - is really touching. Given what Gil doles out to her, I felt her reactions to him and handling of the whole mess was very believable and justified. She gives him many an opening and a chance. Maybe more than he deserved. In the end I had a hard time seeing how she could move past anything.

Overall this is a pretty good read, albeit with a hero I could find almost nothing to like. Rose's father figures in heavily with her personal issues, and at the end he felt a little too conveniently inserted again, but it was nice to see something finally going in Rose's favor. I enjoyed Rose a lot and found her very admirable when she decides to take charge of her life. This was my first by the author and I think her style and voice has potential for more romance reading with me.