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The Shattered Dark - Sandy Williams Really enjoyed this one, largely due to the - strange as it seems - love triangle. At the same time, said triangle has RIPPED OUT MY READING HEART.


Book two is no slump in this series, I was happy to see. It's fast-paced and full of action, romance and a heroine who grows more and more admirable with each page. Though I AM ready to see her take charge of her life more firmly. It feels as though she's trying, but a little harder would be nice, too.

At the same time...I do hope we move beyond some of the same scenarios we've seen now in this and the previous book. It did begin to feel slightly repetitive with the political conflicts, fissuring constantly back and forth between the Realm and Earth, and this is why, I think, the love triangle is holding the series together. It IS an interesting world and the other characters are really interesting as well, but the love triangle is creating most of the believable and *more* interesting conflict for me personally.

And I can't believe it's another year now at the least till book three (author's Amazon profile mentions Fall 2013 for the third book - harrummphh). This one went so quickly for me that I suppose I'll need to read it again to satisfy my ridonkulous craving for the series.

Oh - and Aren. Le SIGH. Great conflict love-interest-wise! Both with Aren and Kyol. The cliffhanger was really craptacular though, so if you're not a fan of those, might want to wait for book three. Other than that, pretty happy with this one.